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Human cremation

All the activities related to the cremation process are facilitated by highly qualified and specialized personnel, in our own crematorium that is placed near Turda City, in a very quiet area filled with calm and greenery.

National transport

Our company provides, by demand, funerary transport in maximum safety conditions, with national coverage and by using cars specially designed for this type of activity. We also provide transport for funeral urns if needed.

Domestic chapel

On the crematorium’s site, within the immediate reach we have a chapel that can be used for memorial services in case the family or the close ones express their wish.

Pro Ignis Human Crematorium

Integral Human Incineration Services


Through this page we try to answer the most frequent questions regarding our services. However, for any other details, questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We assure you of our confidentiality, understanding and respect.

What is a human crematory?

A human crematory is a specialized unit where human bodies are being cremated. This unit can be part of a building or a separate building. Human cremation is a very old practice in the history of human kind, even though the first human crematory in Europe

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How is the cremation realized?

Human cremation is realized only in specialized units, crematories, public or private. The human bodies are cremated individually, in rooms equipped adequately from a technological point of view, isolated and at very high temperatures...

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What are the necessary preparations for the cremation?

In order to realize the cremation it is important for the family to have all necessary documents that must comply with the legal terms of human cremation (described in the following paragraph). If the person carries items of jewelry (earrings, rings, piercings, etc.), they must be replaced...

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What remains after cremation?

After the cremation process the remains have the form of a white paste, which is left to cool down then it goes through a technological process that diminishes the granulation until it becomes ash....

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